What about that hair?

Well, It's an Antarctic thing. Certainly not new. To quote from Endurance by Alfred Lansing describing Shackleton's ill fated expedition in 1915, "Early in the winter, George Marston and Frank Wild decided to give each other haircuts. Before they were through, they had shaved off all their hair with the ship's barber clippers. The next evening the fever had spread throughout the crew. Everyone, including Shackleton, had his hair trimmed down to the scalp."

Another good reason to keep your hair short is hygiene. Because water has to be purified from sea water, or snow melt in the case of the South Pole Station, it takes a lot of energy to produce and occasionally can be in short supply. So we are asked to take two minute showers, and in some cases, every other day. Having short hair makes it a little easier to skip a day and save water during showers.

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